Number of user =0, Huh?

Benoit Cosandey b.cosandey at
Fri Jun 1 01:06:19 PDT 2001

> > > > uptime gave me users = 0, same result with who, and w.
> > > > Any clue?
> > >
> > > Could be a missing /var/run/utmp file
> > >

> > > --
> > > Gerard Beekmans
> >
> > Actually, I less /var/run/utmp and it shows a kind of binary file with
> > login, getty and other readable words here and there.
> > Should I say that I use shadow password, something to do with it ?
> Don't less the file, use the 'utmpdump' program.

Thanks for the tip

> i highly doubt shadow password is the cause of this.

true, it isn't

> does your 'uptime' program work?

It does.
The glitch is now isolated: when one logs with the console (runlevel 3) the
number of users is reported correctly, but all users which are logged
through xdm or within an X session (runlevel 5) are not reported. That is,
if i log through xdm: users = 0, if i then su to whichever user including
root: users = 0 still, but if i ALT-Fx and log to a console then users = 1
given by uptime issued in this console or by uptime in a eterm in the
running X session.

It seems that X stores the count of logged users somewhere else as the
console does. I will investigate this later one.

Thanks to all who responded, have a fun week-end

Ben Cosandey

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