Gnome works now, but still problems...

Seth W. Klein sklein at
Sun Jun 3 12:54:16 PDT 2001

Tony Karakashian wrote:
> <snip>  Now, here's the
> interesting thing:  If I stay in the source tree and run dist/bin/mozilla,
> it launches.  So, the question is, does "make install" for mozilla not place
> it in the regular bin directories, or am I supposed to "compile in place"
> (unzip the mozilla sources to where I want mozilla installed and just
> compile and leave them there)?

Sort of. Mozilla is a bad lizzard as you suspect (or it was last i
compiled a version which was probably 0.8 or so). Try

cp -rv <source tree>/dist <where you want it>

and remember to run it once as a user who has write access to
<where you want it>. Bad lizzard.

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