iptables -L doesn't list a thing.. Is it normal?

Dieter Schmitz dieter.schmitz at uni.de
Tue Jul 31 05:25:05 PDT 2001


> I've set up masquerading im my LFS (kernel 2.4.4) as reported in the hint,
> but I found this strange
> (altough it seems to be working)

Congratulations ;) 

> when I do "iptables -L" there are no rules listed (just the blank listing)

With "iptables -L" iptables list only the filtering Option to list your 
masquerading Rules type "iptables -t nat -L". Now you can see your 
Masquerading Rules 

without the -t option iptables think you want to do some filtering options 
(input,output,forward) for all masquerading thinks you call iptables with 
the -t nat Option 


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