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Jakob Külzer j_r_k at
Tue Jul 31 03:16:24 PDT 2001

lfs-apps at schrieb am 31.07.01:

> I seem to remember a similar problem many moons ago(I might be wrong).   What 
> cured it for me was this line or lines in /etc/login.defs. 
> #CONSOLE		/etc/securetty
> CONSOLE	console:/dev/tty1:/dev/tty2:/dev/tty3:/dev/tty4:/dev/tty5

I was just about to add this line to my /etc/logins.def when i came about one, saying nearly the same, with on exception : 
CONSOLE console:/dev/tty01:/dev/tty02: ....
Mind these '0' before the number of the tty; i removed them and now everything works perfect!!!

Many thanks to all who helped me ((((((:

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