Hello and a quick question..

Daniel Roethlisberger daniel at roe.ch
Tue Feb 20 08:52:03 PST 2001

> Also, I realise that I might be making some die-hard hackers
> role over in their graves, but is there a text editor that has
> nice syntax highlighting, key bindings like MS-DOS edit/Borland
> IDEs, small executable size and quite simple (I dont need
> scripting)? Also, is it possible after resizing an xterm to get
> the editor to take up the whole xterm?

Midnight Commanders built in editor (mc -e or F4 when within mc)
is very intuitive, and is very DOS-like, right down to selecting
text with Shift+Arrow-Keys and cut'n'paste with Shift+Del/Ins (as
you'd expect for a Norton clone). However mc is not that small in
executable size. It does fill up resized xterms though (and SSH
vterms for that matter).


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