bash 'time' function (OK, here they are...)

Erika Pacholleck pacholleck at
Thu Dec 27 04:56:47 PST 2001

[27.12.01 00:01 +0100] R. Bosch <-- :
> On Monday 24 December 2001 20:54, you wrote:
> >   ... can't see those values ...
> What 8-O ?????????????????????????????????
> I can see them clear here...
> If you use kmail(like me) it is not "properly" configured. Not your fault 
> though, since I think kmail and fonts, layouts, charmaps just STINK!!!

Misunderstanding, of course I can read them (btw. if you see my
headers you will realize I do not use kmail, simply cause I do not
use whole kde). But how do you think I feel seing your values and
think of mine - nono, I really can't see them without getting the
idea robbing a bank or a computer store ;))

> like to see the timings of a laptop with a P166 mmx ?
> A real work to get it done ;-). It takes over "TWO DAYS" to get down the 
> list...

Not necessary, a P200 nommx should come near, so I only have to
see my own logs - hihi
Erika Pacholleck
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