bash 'time' function (OK, here they are...)

R. Bosch at
Mon Dec 24 01:12:28 PST 2001

These are the timings I get when building a system...

My system is:
AMD 1800+ XP
K7T266 Pro2


bash 		0m53.399s
binutils 	1m38.153s
bzip 		0m4.117s
diffutils 	0m5.112s
file-utils 	0m38.104s
GCC 		5m23.716s
grep 		0m7.446s
gzip 		0m1.982s
kernel 		1m12.023s
make 		0m11.617s
mawk 		0m3.612s
patch 		0m5.044s
sed 		0m5.247s
shell-utils 	0m23.780s
tar 		0m13.455s
texinfo 	0m16.589s
text-utils 	0m22.155s


glibc 		15m7.839s
man-pages 	0m2.000s
find-utils 	0m5.419s
mawk 		0m4.112s
ncurses 	1m26.865s
vim 		0m37.158s
gcc 		5m26.244s
bison 		0m6.365s
less 		0m5.755s
groff 		0m45.129s
man 		0m2.846s
perl 		2m0.585s
m4 		0m4.645s
tex-info 	0m17.308s
autoconf 	0m2.292s
automake 	0m2.954s
bash 		0m44.083s
flex 		0m3.404s
file 		0m7.584s
libtool 	0m8.008s
bin86 		0m3.132s
bin-utils 	1m52.341s
bzip 		0m3.639s
ed 		0m3.835s
gettext 	0m19.269s
kbd 		0m6.880s
diff-utils 	0m5.544s
e2fsprogs 	0m31.227s
reiserfsprogs 	0m12.475s
file-utils 	0m33.372s
grep 		0m7.861s
gzip 		0m2.286s
lilo 		0m3.692s
make 		0m11.177s
modutils 	0m6.862s
netkit 		0m1.513s
patch 		0m4.901s
procinfo 	0m1.014s
procps 		0m5.862s
psmisc 		0m2.677s
sed 		0m4.940s
sh-utils 	0m22.135s
net-tools 	0m9.115s
shadow 		0m38.734s
sysklogd 	0m1.362s
sysvinit 	0m2.893s
tar 		0m13.728s
text-utils 	0m20.529s
util-linux 	0m21.033s
devfsd 		0m1.206s

handy/readline 	0m6.845s
handy/gpm 	0m6.080s
handy/mkdosfs 	0m1.086s
handy/zlib 	0m2.630s
handy/nasm 	0m10.264s
handy/unzip 	0m4.536s
handy/bc 	0m5.757s
handy/ncurses2 	1m36.773s
handy/glib 	0m21.962s
handy/mc 	0m40.351s
handy/cdparanoia 0m8.239s
handy/cdrecord 	0m41.744s
handy/which 	0m4.388s
tune/pciutils 	0m1.478s
tune/hdparm 	0m0.777s
tune/cpuburn 	0m0.081s
net/ppp 	0m7.156s
net/tcpwrapper 	0m1.756s
net/openssl 	2m58.631s
net/portmap 	0m0.684s
net/nfsutils 	0m9.884s
net/wvdial 	0m7.055s
net/openssh 	0m37.376s
net/lynx 	0m58.637s
net/telnet 	0m4.282s
sound/audiofile 0m17.467s
sound/libmikmod 0m29.110s
sound/libogg 	0m4.332s
sound/libvorbis 0m12.799s
sound/libao 	0m5.946s
printing/cups 	1m37.008s
printing/printers 0m10.626s
x11/xservers 	0m34.114s
x11/gtk 	0m7.328s
x11/xpm 	0m0.115s
x11/png 	0m13.046s
x11/ungif 	0m12.458s
x11/jpg 	0m15.081s
x11/tif 	0m12.429s
x11/mpeg 	0m3.260s
x11/mng 	0m14.759s
x11/imlib 	0m4.883s
x11/aalib 	0m8.105s
x11/fnlib 	0m2.398s
x11/fltk 	0m2.429s
x11/lcms 	0m8.701s
x11/xml 	0m31.561s
x11/sdl 	1m26.076s
wmbase/windowmaker 0m6.092s
wmbase/libdockapp 0m2.277s
wmbase/wmcpu 	0m1.564s
wmbase/wmmem 	0m1.562s
wmbase/wmclock 	0m0.070s
wmbase/wmix 	0m0.303s
wmbase/wterm 	0m2.292s



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