bash 'time' function

R. Bosch at
Sat Dec 22 17:48:14 PST 2001

This is where I implemented an example.
duration=`{ time /usr/src/s2/other/$prog >& /lfs-log-s2/$prog ; } 2> >( grep 
real ) | ( read kind duration ; echo $duration )` && echo -en "\033[31;1m 
$duration \033[m"

It runs a program and gives the time nicely in red. So soon you'll get the 
timings from me ;-) (LFS-build and beyond!)

Let's compare it to a P4 2GHz (Mine is AMD 1800+ 256MB DDR)

Intel! Be afraid... Be VERY afraid.... Whoa ha ha ha ha!!

Thanks by the way ;-)


> Proud to be Micro$oft free !!!
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