bash 'time' function

Chris F.A. Johnson c.f.a.johnson at
Thu Dec 20 20:39:52 PST 2001

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, R. Bosch wrote:

> Sorry for beaking in, but  I got a problem with grepping the output of time.
> When I try # time sleep 3s | grep system # I get the normal output from time
> with 'all' times.

[N.B.: time prints 'sys', not 'system']

> Can someone tell me how to control the output of the time command!

The output of time is sent to stderr, so you need to redirect that to a
file or another process:

	{ time sleep 3s } 2> >( grep sys )

The braces are necessary so that you redirect the output of time, not
the output of sleep (or whatever command you are timing).

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