undefined reference

Wolfgang Kerler wolfgang.kerler at epost.de
Tue Dec 18 09:15:40 PST 2001


The last few days I tried to compile an application called 'kvoctrain', but I
ran into several problems. I could solve nearly all of them, but one is still
remaining, see the error message below (it's caused by the linker, I think, as
it is follow by something like 'ld: error ...'):

/opt/kde3/lib/libkdeprint.so: undefined reference to
`QTabWidget::QTabWidget(QWidget *, char const *)'

Kvoctrain is still experimental; I had to install qt-3.0.1 and the
kde3-alpha-libs and export the correct path names.
I don't think one of you already tried to use this program (did somebody?), so
my question is more general: 
What kind of error causes such messages? What does 'undefined reference' mean?
How can I solve such problems?

Any help is appreciated!

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