fixing X

Dmitri Karpman dkarpman at
Mon Dec 17 18:29:08 PST 2001

This email is with respect to the x11 hint which I followed in part to
set up the X window system.
- it takes a very very long time to compile XFree (make World) 3 hours
- pure X consists of 3 tar.gz source files and only comes with twm
window manager
- make install fails when it comes to xclock. I was able to fix it by
adding the line
  #include <time.h> to ClockP.h header file that is in programs/xclock
- twm starts up with a huge white square in place of the mouse cursor.
This is fixable
  by adding
    Option "sw_cursor"
  to XF86Config under section "Device"
- twm won't exit when exiting twm. This can be fixed in part by moving
xterm up and
  executing twm as the last command at the very end of xinitrc. This way
it exits but the
  programs opened from twm are terminated through broken pipes, enabling
the DontZap
  option didn't help
- and the biggest nuisance -- no characters show up in twm until I go
back to one of the text
  consoles <alt>-F1 (23456) and  back alt-F7.

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