Freeze due to glut (was: xplanet works!! Here is how: (Re: mesa problems (glXGetProcAddress)))

Michael Klose mkmail at
Sat Dec 15 16:21:58 PST 2001

> I 've compiled both packages whith default options. Maybe I've
> compiled X whith -O3 and -march=k6 options (can't remember) but
> I never had such problems whith X.

Question: What version of x?

dri enabled?

Which graphics adapter?

If you use a matrox G xxx, did you use the standard X 4.1 driver supplied or
did you use the matrox one? Die you use the matrox HAL or not? I used the
matrox supplied driver (source of course) with their precompiled close
source HAL.

> Any idea about this?

Not really ;-(((

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