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On Sat, Dec 15, 2001 at 08:11:19PM +0300, 2sheds at wrote:
> :0:
> * X-Loop: \/[^@]+
> $MAILDIR/lists/`echo $MATCH | sed -e 's/[\/]/_/g'`
> I just like the fact that whenever I subscribe to some maillist, new
> mailbox in my lists dir is created and all messages fall there, not in
> my inbox.
> I'll try to set similar rule for X-List, hope it will be delivered to
> proper mailbox.
> And thanks for this advice.

Cool, it worked like a charm :)
So, the following .procmailrc rule properly sorts all incoming mail
coming from Listar mailing lists (including *lfs* ones and probably some
others, I'm not too good in mail headers yet). If someone finds it useful,
I would like to tell that those string are coming from excellent Mutt/Procmail
hint pages that I found at [LinuxBrit] server ( Those
hints help me to sort messages from mailing lists and block out most of spam.
Here it is:

* X-List: \/[^@]+
$MAILDIR/lists/`echo $MATCH | sed -e 's/[\/]/_/g'`

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