Wierd - can't login as root.

Adam Ottley aottley at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 11 14:53:30 PST 2001

On December 11, 2001 04:22 pm, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is my first post. While the system is working on
> all other fronts I do have a problem with logging in.
> If I log in at login prompt as a user (root or
> otherwise) who has user ID 0, I am rejected. I can
> however log in as a normal, non 0 UID user, and later
> su into root, so the problem is merely irksom.
> However, it is odd and I hate things that don't work.
> Has anyone got any ideas?
> Cheers
> Toby
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It could be a corrupt utmp file.  Delete /var/run/utmp, recreate it as an 
empty file, and then try again.
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