ispell, aspell, libcrack wordlist and proposal for kde hint

Adam Ottley aottley at
Mon Dec 10 09:49:58 PST 2001

On December 10, 2001 04:28 am, you wrote:
> Shouldn't ispell and aspell mentioned in the kde hint? I don't know if
> there are real library dependencies, but the editors have menu items using
> these programs.

Yeah, it should be.  I guess I missed it because I don't use (or like, for 
that matter) spell checkers.  I'll add a note about ispell to the next rev of 
the KDE hint (should be soon, I just finished spinning off 
cdparanoia/vorbis/lame into a separate hint).  If anyone wants to write an 
ispell hint, here's what worked for me for installing it to /usr:

sed 's/\/local//' local.h.samp > local.h &&
echo "#define USG" >> local.h &&
echo "#define TERMLIB \"-lncurses\"" >> local.h &&
echo "#define CFLAGS \"${CFLAGS}\"" >> local.h &&
make &&
make install
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