Sound problems

James Drabb JDrabb at
Mon Dec 10 09:00:32 PST 2001

Hey group,

Does anyone have any tips on setting up my sound card?  I have an audio
PCI 128 that uses the es1370 sound driver.  When I boot into Redhat 7.2
the sound is working fine.  The modules loaded under Redhat are:
The only thing I see in the Redhat /etc/modules.conf for the sound card
is an alias of:
	alias sound-slot-0 es1370

Under my LFS /etc/modules.conf I put the same alias.  When I boot into
LFS I can insmod soundcore but when I insmod es1370 under LFS I get a
device not found error.  Looking at /proc/pci there is an entry for my
sound card on IRQ 9.  Does the MAKEDEV script with LFS 3.1 create all
the correct /dev entries for sound?  Looking at the kernel source for
es1370.c it has devices supported as /dev/dsp.  There must be some
stupid step that I am missing if the sound works fine under Redhat.


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