problems enabling security in mozilla build

Todd Pytel tppytel at
Fri Dec 7 21:33:32 PST 2001

Please help me - I'm starting to lose it here.  I'm trying to build
Mozilla 0.9.5 (because that's the release recommended for Nautilus,
which comes next).  I'd like Mozilla to be the only browser on the
system, so I'm trying to use --enable-crypto to make Moz work with SSL.
I get an error in ..../security/manager/ssl/src while compiling
nsNSSComponent.o.  I can't quite tell exactly what the error is, but it
seems to have something to do with PSM.  I've searched around
extensively by this point, and gather that the milestone builds have
some compatibility issues with PSM versions and that the milestone
tarballs are not always perfectly in sync with the correct security
sources.  But the errors reported seem to vary quite a lot, and I know
very little about the Mozilla architecture or C programming, so I'm at a
loss.  Besides the standard build procedure, I've tried other
suggestions I found through searching - manually deleting the
security/nss and coreconf directories, then updating the entire tree;
and checking out the psm2 module before starting the build.  Both give
me exactly the same error.

So, has anyone managed to enable security on a milestone build?  Is it
even worth the trouble - will the Nautilus Mozilla component work
correctly if I just ditch the milestone sources and check out a working
CVS build?


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