[blfs-dev] alsa-firmware

Douglas R. Reno renodr at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 22 11:43:37 PST 2019

On 2/22/19 1:19 PM, Bruce Dubbs via blfs-dev wrote:
> On 2/22/19 1:04 PM, Douglas R. Reno via blfs-dev wrote:
>> On 2/22/19 12:21 PM, Bruce Dubbs via blfs-dev wrote:
>>> There has been some problem with ALSA getting their download site 
>>> working properly.  The only offer ftp right now.  I'll leave most of 
>>> the book as is for now as the ALSA home page and everyone else 
>>> (Arch, etc) also points to the ftp site for sources.
>>> There is a problem with alsa-firmware. 
>>> https://alsa-project.org/wiki/Main_Page now only points to git.
>>> I am proposing dropping alsa-firmware from the book.  There is 
>>> nothing that references it.
>>> Any objections?
>> I was going to say go ahead, but it looks like it installs firmware 
>> for Sound Blaster 16 cards, which is what Qemu and other 
>> virtualization software emulate. I'm not sure if we'll still be able 
>> to get sound out of VMs if we drop this.
> I've never tried to get sound out of a VM.  Could the user just use a 
> different sound hw emulation?
> $ qemu -soundhw list
> qemu: -soundhw list: Unknown sound card name `list'
> Valid sound card names (comma separated):
> sb16        Creative Sound Blaster 16
> es1370      ENSONIQ AudioPCI ES1370
> ac97        Intel 82801AA AC97 Audio
> adlib       Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2)
> gus         Gravis Ultrasound GF1
> cs4231a     CS4231A
> hda         Intel HD Audio
> pcspk       PC speaker
I think the only ones out of that list that *doesn't* need Firmware are 
HDA and PCSPK. The others have firmware installed by alsa-firmware.

I'd have to try HDA and get back to you. Everything I've ever seen or 
used has SB16, from a variety of different hypervisors.

>   -- Bruce

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