[blfs-dev] VirtualBox running on LFS

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at lucasit.com
Sun Nov 18 13:07:48 PST 2018

On 11/18/2018 05:35 AM, Thomas Trepl wrote:
> Hi all,
> today VirtualBox started on a LFS host and i was able to start a VM
> with it. I'm definitely not saying it is fully functional, much more
> testing and bug fixing might be required for that. It is for sure not
> "production ready" yet as some errors are still there. It does not
> work to start machines using the GUI, but it is possible to start them
> using the CLI tool "VBoxManage". So i think its some kind of
> configuration issue, fundamently it seems that VBox is working.
> To come to that status was my "hobby" over the last months. I'm so
> proud about it so that I need to bug you with my little success story.

Gratz brother! Thanks for all of your work on this! The base LFS is 
ready to go, and it sounds like a large portion of BLFS is also ready 
via your BELFS.sh files. This is great for the community. Hopefully a 
significant portion of the CLFS users and devs can benefit from this 
work as well.


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