[blfs-dev] openssl (sendmail) lfs/blfs discrepancy

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at safe.ca
Thu Nov 15 06:09:03 PST 2018


As reported earlier, I am not able to recompile

It is not fully proved but I have strong indication
it is caused by openssl-1.1.[0i,1]

Looking about this, I noticed
LFS is openssl-1.1.1
BLFS is openssl-1.0.2p
(LFS 2018-11-09, BLFS 2018-11-13)

Is this done on purpose? (I am doubtful about

Trouble ahead compiling sendmail (and other?)
using opessl-1.1.1?

Comments?, something I am overlooking?


A bientôt
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