[blfs-dev] Progress towards 8.3

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 22 18:08:17 PDT 2018

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 07:17:01PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> We are doing quite well working towards our 8.3 release.  Here is a summary
> of what needs to be done with a few comments.  Please go ahead and comment
> in line or in the open tickets.
> chapter 43: gimp                2.10.4        2.10.6       #11038

I had thought you had that one, and were perhaps (after your
comments) waiting on the ticket I had raised about gimp-help.
It's working for me on 8.3-rc, I can take it if you like.

> search.cpan.org is shutting down

I'm planning to grab the ticket and put up the first part of a
proposed change (link to known good versions of the external modules
where we currently link to search.cpan.org, with a note about
looking for newer versions (if users wish to), and a request for
people to notify us if they notice security issues in 'Changes'

So far, I've prepared the note and the first two packages.  For the
next two, I'm ready to go - one of them (Mojolicious) was what
prompted the comment about security: I had tested 7.88 a week or so
ago (that system is technically 20180808, but close enough to 8.3
for this).  Latest is 7.93, 7.92 had a security fix (reverts a
change in 7.83, no known exploits, but playing safe).  Builds and
tests without changes.

> ===========
> transcode has a note in the xml that it is broken.  Is what we have for that
> page OK?  Do ws want to keep transcode?
> ===========

Again, on my recent builds it (i.e. tccat *only*) seems to work

> chapter 44: x264                20180819       daily        #7555

That _is_ the update for 8.3, isn't it ?

> chapter 11: ImageMagick6        6.9.9-35       6.9.10-10    #7859

This ought to get a new ticket for whatever is the latest version of

> chapter 13: rustc               1.25.0         1.28.0       #9168

When I checked a few weeks ago, this was ok for the then-latest
ff-62beta.  But I haven't had time to look at the now-latest firefox

> The only thing here to address is whether we need to update ImageMagick6 or
> not.  The only packages that use it are inkscape (recommended) and emacs
> (optional).

What I said above :)
> ==========
> Tagging:
> This is going well, but there are still about 290 packages to go.  About 430
> have been tagged already.  Please jup in a tag what you can.
> Scheduled release is a week from Saturday so there is adequate time to
> address everything.
>   -- Bruce

For some of the things I care about, I need to try a server build
(I build differently for that).  Not yet started.

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