[blfs-dev] Removing .la files

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at lucasit.com
Thu Dec 7 19:48:03 PST 2017

On 12/07/2017 11:10 AM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 07, 2017 at 04:52:11PM +0530, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>> In my build scripts, all libtool files are removed before the package is
>> installed into / (I used the staged install a.k.a. DESTDIR approach of
>> package management). Never had any compilation issues.
>> I believe the trick is to never allow the libtool files to be installed into
>> the system in the first place. Try this approach on a fresh install.
>> --Tushar.
> Hi Tushar,
> Good to know you are still reading this.

Agreed! Nice to see you Tushar!

> But do you install
> ImageMagick or mpg123 ?
> My own scripts do plain make_install then hide .la files *unless*
> they are the alsa file from mpg123 (I'd forgotten about that, don't
> know if it even still exists) or any .la from ImageMagick.
> With IM, if the 'delegate' libtool libraries don't exist then almost
> any command (display, identify, mogrify, etc) will error.

Hmm, I had thought ImageMagick was fixed in version 7.0.x, but it 
appears not. AFAIK, this is the key:

dj at lfsdt2 [ /sources/ImageMagick-7.0.7-14 ]$ grep "lt_dlopen" * -R
config/ltmain.sh:	      # Otherwise, use the dlname, so that lt_dlopen 
finds it.
MagickCore/nt-base.h:#if !defined(lt_dlopen)
MagickCore/nt-base.h:#  define lt_dlopen(filename)  NTOpenLibrary(filename)
MagickCore/module.c:  handle=(ModuleHandle) lt_dlopen(path);
MagickCore/module.c:  handle=(ModuleHandle) lt_dlopen(path);
MagickCore/nt-base.c:  ghost_handle=lt_dlopen(path);

More appropriately, the expression should be " lt_" but this seems good 
enough for at least this package.


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