[blfs-dev] gnome-screenshot

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 11:49:59 PST 2017

I am trying to build gnome-screenshot-3.26.0.  Upstream has converted to 
meson, but I can't get it to build.  I get:

Line 1: FAILED: src/org.gnome.Screenshot.metainfo.xml

Line 2: /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/meson --internal msgfmthelper
src/org.gnome.Screenshot.metainfo.xml xml

Line 3: msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules for
I just used 'meson && ninja -j1'

The gnome-screenshot-3.22.0 package currently in the book builds fine.

I tried getting the git master but it fails as above.

The file src/meson.build has the sequence:

                 input: 'org.gnome.Screenshot.metainfo.xml.in',
                 output: 'org.gnome.Screenshot.metainfo.xml',
                 po_dir: join_paths(meson.current_source_dir(), '../po'),
                 install: true,
                 install_dir: gnome_screenshot_appdatadir)

If I comment that out, the build completes.

Any ideas about how to get this to work for the book?

   -- Bruce

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