[blfs-dev] itstool

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sun Dec 3 01:52:28 PST 2017

On 03/12/2017 02:30, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I think we have a problem with itstool.  I was trying to build 
> gnumeric and itstool gives a segfault.  I can work around the problem 
> by disabling the generation of non-english docs:
> sed -i '/^HELP_LINGUAS/d' docs/Makefile.in
> but that is a hack to gnumeric for a problem with itstool.   A program 
> should never segfault no matter what the input is.  I'll note that we 
> have had problems with itstool before.
> My question is whether we should revert to an earlier version of 
> itstool and if so, which one.  It could be the latest before the 2.x 
> versions, itstool-1.2.0.  Or perhaps version 2.0.2 that still uses 
> python2.
> Or I can add my hack to the gnumeric page.
> Which way should we go?
There are (were) two reasons for the segfault in itstool when building 
gnumeric: one in itstool itself, which was fixed by the patch on itstool 
page, and another one in libxml2, fixed by the patch now on the libxml2 
page... Have you recompiled libxml2 with the patch?


But maybe you have another error.


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