[blfs-dev] itstool

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 17:30:15 PST 2017

I think we have a problem with itstool.  I was trying to build gnumeric 
and itstool gives a segfault.  I can work around the problem by disabling 
the generation of non-english docs:

sed -i '/^HELP_LINGUAS/d' docs/Makefile.in

but that is a hack to gnumeric for a problem with itstool.   A program 
should never segfault no matter what the input is.  I'll note that we have 
had problems with itstool before.

My question is whether we should revert to an earlier version of itstool 
and if so, which one.  It could be the latest before the 2.x versions, 
itstool-1.2.0.  Or perhaps version 2.0.2 that still uses python2.

Or I can add my hack to the gnumeric page.

Which way should we go?

   -- Bruce

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