[blfs-dev] libproxy

lifrsc.m.klswlff at spamgourmet.com lifrsc.m.klswlff at spamgourmet.com
Sun Apr 2 06:53:40 PDT 2017

Several packages have libproxy as optional dependency. The URL given for
libproxy is outdated in some cases (code.google.com is no longer
maintained). The correct URL is github.com/libproxy/libproxy.

The state in the book is as of today

file                                    code.google.com       github.com

multimedia/videoutils/vlc.xml                                     x
networking/netlibs/glib-networking.xml        x
networking/netlibs/neon.xml                   x
xsoft/graphweb/firefox.xml                                        x
xsoft/other/hexchat.xml                       x

K. Wulff

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