[blfs-dev] Valgrind 3.10.1 Linux 4.0 patch

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat May 23 14:57:49 PDT 2015

On 23-05-2015 13:52, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> On 23-05-2015 13:23, Ken Moffat wrote:
>> On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 10:44:23AM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>>>> On 22-05-2015 22:44, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>>>> Ken Moffat wrote:
>>>>>> 1. One of my colleagues used to read out some of the advert titles in
>>>>>> the weekly trade rag for jobs in the Thames Valley : "Anal Progs,
>>>>>> Berks" and then she would say "I've got a chance, then" ;-)
>>>>> LOL.
>>>> Me too.
>>>> Well, I just wanted to add that I use also:
>>>> " Prevent .swp creation in current directory
>>>> set directory=/tmp

That is what I use.

>>> Nice hint.


>>>   -- Bruce
>> You guys must be on more reliable systems than me ;-)  In the last
>> couple of weeks I have several times had vim hang on my server, and
>> rather more times I've lost the network (nothing in the logs, but
>> seems to be related to 4.0+ kernels - both stable and rc) while
>> editing my notes using nfs.  I'm very friendly with vim's .swp files,
>> I would not want to put them in /tmp.

> No, I have had crashes. That is the reason I keep saving what I do with
> vim (actually, gvim) as soon as I can or remember.

Here, the problem is hardware: The processor fan again, same problem I
had about a year or more ago. Need to replace it. Temperatures can get
up to 99 C, when compiling long enough programs with -jN, N > 3. When
this happens, there is a chance that a sata cable gets loose (is this
word correct?) and the each application trying to access it dies, no
command such as shutdown can be run, because the disk is not there, and
I have to turn off pc, power suply, get to the floor, press the sata
cables (cabinet is always open, for that reason), hope that the pressure
was good, restart and see if all sta devices are found by the bios. This
is occurs almost everyday, until I realise the fan is slow again, and
modify my builds, so to use less cores. Until I get the courage to
replace the fan.

> Point is more having all ,swp in one place. You can create a /tmp-saved
> with the same permissions as /tmp and use:


> " Prevent .swp creation in current directory
> set directory=/tmp-save.
> I hated having to "find" vim's .swp's all over the place. Even in the
> svn directories!!!
> That way, you save a lot of time when recovering from a crash.
> I also use that directory to keep sources files I'm editing for the
> book, when it is necessary to reboot for checking if new packages work
> properly.

Actually I only use that directory for saving the sources, as described
above: move from /tmp to there. But actual name, here is /tmp-porg:

$ ls -ld /tmp-porg/
drwxrwxrwt 2 root root 4096 Mai 20 14:20 /tmp-porg/

Sometimes I delete it, by accident.

> BTW, I'm now using
> $ uname -r
> 4.0.4
> and apart from vmplayer, everything else seems to be behaving very well.

But vmplayer was already broken with 3.19.3, after gcc5. Ken, I
remembered you, this is a problem that I have tried to solve many times,
but after having many suspects, now I am thinking glibc is the cause
(was compiled with gcc-4.9.2), and this I cannot recompile, or I don't
dare to do it. I've made a backup of the VM's (over 20) and am running
them from an USB to SATA adapter in an Intel Core 2 Quad old machine,
with a lot of problems and very slowly. Until I build LFS-7.8.

At this time I've got the eyses very tired, sorry for the spelling.


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