[blfs-dev] evince: dvi and ps

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu May 14 10:52:19 PDT 2015

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 08:50:04AM -0300, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Ken,
> Reading your post about "Insecure use of /tmp in mktexlsr (texlive)", I
> am describing a problem I had yesterday and ask your or someone else help.
> I needed to check that the assuan.(dvi,pdf,ps} were properly generated
> without the patch.
> Coincidentally, kpathsea library is required for dvi support. But
> configure couldn't find (I've got just install-tl-unx installed).

You know more about evince than I do ;)

> For ps libspectre is required.

Yes, and I always install libspectre before building evince so that
I have a better viewer ('display' will do it, but the chessboard
pattern (for empty background, or for some reason like that) makes
it a poor viewer for many postscript files).

For me, dvi files are uninteresting - I now have TeX on many of my
systems, but I install it very late in my builds (to deal with
texlive for the book) and I only use it to create PDFs.

> Gave up, and checked the dvi and ps converted to pdf.
> Do you know if and how it is possible to get evince linked to kpathsea
> library?

I'm still on 3.14 (you know me - I don't bother updating most
packages unless I become aware of problems).  Just downloaded 3.14.2
because I'd already rolled out my local 3.14.1 source ready for the
next build.  For the test I'm doing this as a user (libkpathsea is in
/usr/lib, but TeX programs are not on _my_ root user's normal PATH),
also I need --disable-nautilus and --without-keyring.

Configure reported (under BACKENDS)
DVI ......................:  yes

But no, I do not see libkpathsea getting linked by the program or
libs (this is a DESTDIR install), and I don't actually have any .dvi
files to hand.

My general impression of programs (in BLFS) which use TeX for their
documentation is that the docs tend to be very old, and to need
obsolete versions of tex-related programs.

In this case, the presence of libkpathsea means that DVI_MIME_TYPES
is used, probably in backend/ps/Makefile and perhaps fed into
EVINCE_MIME_TYPES.  Also present in libdocument/Makefile and
libview/Makefile.  Perhaps kpathsea is only used by configure, and
evince can pen dvi files without linking to kpathsea.  That seems
likely (kpathsea is a TeX internal, it won't actually be useful at
runtime unless a TeX package is being used or installed).

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