[blfs-dev] GCC5 Tagging Question

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri May 1 16:26:00 PDT 2015

On Fri, May 01, 2015 at 05:26:25PM -0500, Douglas R. Reno wrote:
> Hello all,
> Before I can begin tagging for GCC 5 (and doing the Xorg Updates
> ticket), I have to ask a question. I initially built this system with
> the --with-pic option in Binutils 2.25 in Chapter 6, and therefore I
> have -fPIC and -DPIC enabled by default by the compiler. I plan on
> rebuilding Binutils and GCC without PIC before I begin tagging and
> updating packages on this system. Are there any issues that may arise
> from this?
I'm not aware of any, but everything can be an adventure.  I guess
you'll be updating in place : if it goes bad, backups are your

> On a side note, it appears that my SBU value has increased by an
> additional 20 seconds with GCC 5. Is that odd? (It could be the fact
> that I am watching a movie on  another monitor and I have a text
> editor and Seamonkey open, but I don't think that it should have that
> much of an impact...). I will correct this value before I run through
> the Xorg ticket.
> Thank you, and input is definitely welcome!
Building with newer versions, I expect the SBU to take longer.  I
already noted that my kernel compiles seem to take a little longer
with gcc-5, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the overall speed
of my desktop scripts (using -j4 -O for make, but not for the

If I'm going to use a system to measure packages for BLFS, I always
repeat the SBU calculation after it has booted.  In my latest
system, I'm not intending to use it to measure anything - I'll still
use 7.7 for that - but I reran the calculation anyway : it went from
158.268s (using 7.7 and a 4.1-rc kernel to 167.646s using itself and
4.0.1).  Don't be fooled by the 3 decimal places, on this machine
(which might be doing other things during the initial build) I would
regard a difference of less than 10 seconds as probably noise.

'top' is usually helpful in determining if the system is under
pressure (typically, swapping) - the current version is quite nice
once you've fixed up what it shows to be more like the older

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