[blfs-dev] MesaLib-10.4.3 make failed for libtool-2.4.2, solution is simple

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Jan 26 10:53:06 PST 2015

On 26-01-2015 14:34, Douglas R. Reno wrote:
> I dont have an issue with that. I will work on it once I get home tonight.
> Hopefully it will not take too long.
> Thanks,

Just to inform you and other devs, I've committed the first version of
the Note at revision 15391.

Back to replying you,  well, the problem happens, I would say, seconds
after make starts. Actual build takes longer, but depends on the
machine. In my dev system, with SBU=173s, it takes 1.8 SBU or 5m17.732s,
with -j4.

After Bruce's test with x86_64, the instructions may stay as they are,
but your reply would be much appreciated, adding to our confidence on
understanding the problem and solution or even, eventually, needing to
develop a different fix.

Thanks, Douglas,


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