[blfs-dev] [blfs-book] r15333 - in trunk/BOOK: introduction/welcome x/lib

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sun Jan 25 23:03:43 PST 2015

On 01/12/15 05:38, Armin K. wrote:
> On 12.1.2015 5:47, chris at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
>> Author: chris
>> Date: Sun Jan 11 20:47:27 2015
>> New Revision: 15333
>> Log:
>> libnotify no longer needs GTK
> https://git.gnome.org/browse/libnotify/tree/configure.ac#n92
> Apparently it does. PKG_CHECK_MODULES specified like that will cause
> configure to fail if the package wasn't found.
> It seems however that gtk+ isn't required for the library, but for the
> some kind of tests which you can't disable, as PKG_CHECK_MODULES isn't
> in any kind of conditional.
> gdk-pixbuf on the other hand is required for the library.

OK, you can override the tests for gtk in configure by prefixing it with 
"TESTS_CFLAGS=' ' TESTS_LIBS=' '" - it only looks for gtk if those 
variables are empty. Also, you'd have to do a "sed -i s/tests// 
Makefile" so that it doesn't try compiling the stuff in the tests dir. 
Therefore, if you aren't running the testsuite, you can indeed build 
libnotify without gtk.

But, a simpler solution probably would be just to have both GTK3 and 
gdk-pixbuf as "Required", with a note that GTK3 is always checked for 
but really only used for the testsuite.

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