[blfs-dev] ***SPAM*** Lua can be used as versy simple calculator

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sun Jan 25 09:00:30 PST 2015

Le 25/01/2015 14:00, Fernando de Oliveira a écrit :
> Yesterday I almost include in "Introduction to Lua" the sentence:
> "Lua can also be used as a simple console calculator."
> But I would need to write somewhere in the text info on how to use it.
> The tutorial in the wiki is very good, I reproduced part of it above.
> However it is for Lua-5.2, which needed an "=" sign before each
> mathematical operation. In Lua-5.3, "no need to prefix with '='".
> Unsure about what to do, I omitted this in the update.
> I think it is worth including something in the page, but would like to
> have opinions and some help about where and what to include in the text.
> Of course, if there is no reply, I assume that the page should be left
> as is now.

Just my opinion here. The first item might have to be discussed more widely
among other editors, the second is more of a personal view:
- It is always tempting to write some information about how to _use_ installed
software, but I think it is not the aim of the book, unless this information
is critical for security and/or system stability. The book is about how to
_install_ software.
- It may be interesting to signal some uncommon use of software, in the
introduction and/or in the "Configuring" section. But a lot of languages have
the possibility to be used as calculators (Perl and Python come to mind), so
that is not uncommon (actually, all interpreted languages have this ability).
Maybe a better way to state what you mean is to say that Lua can be either
interpreted or compiled (actually, that's the difference between lua and luac)


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