[blfs-dev] xindy - need to build in C locale

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 19:17:38 PST 2015

Ken Moffat wrote:


>   What I do not understand is why my two-pass builds from texlive
> worked on x86_64 but not on i686.  For xindy-2.5.1 it is possible
> that something changed (or, at very long odds, maybe something in
> perl), but now that I understand the problem I'm off to ensure that
> all my scripts export LC_ALL=C.
>   The problem is during the build, so a user building as themself in
> a UTF-8 locale need tso do this.  I guess that jhalfs builds using
> the 'C' locale ?

I believe it does.  grep for LC_ALL in the jhalfs directory.

>   Do we have a preferred form of words for telling people that they
> need to do that ?  e.g. mention it in the note, somehow save LC_ALL
> if different, set LC_ALL, build, restore ?  And is POSIX the same as
> 'C' for LC_ALL, and if so, do we prefer that ?

C and POSIX are synonymous.   In LFS we use LC_ALL=POSIX in Section 4.4, 
but there are places where

If you change LC_ALL in a script, you don't need to unset it, but we 
don't assume that.  For the book, you can use either



It works out to about the same.

Does this mean we can get ticket #5926 closed?

   -- Bruce

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