[blfs-dev] Success with xindy on i386

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Wed Jan 21 13:43:55 PST 2015


I have eventually found the time to build and test texlive on a 32 bit VM.
Well, both tests for xindy pas: the index page is built and displayed (using
either epdfview or mupdf).
LFS SVN-20141225
Current BLFS

I know it is not very helpful, but what else could I say?
Oh yes, I know what to say. Ken did a magnificent job!

I have only very old i386 machines (pentium 4 from 2003 with 512 Mb, and
pentium M from 2005 and 1 Gb memory), so I do not want to try to build a
modern LFS on them. I mean I can test on bare metal only for 64 bit.


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