[blfs-dev] Should I remain an editor?

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jan 14 02:06:39 PST 2015

On 13-01-2015 15:15, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> Yes, I am over sensitive and I read between the lines. But unfortunately
>> I am like that.
> We will accept your foibles if you will accept ours.  :)
>> The problem with Poppler is similar to others I had (gedit, Qt - the
>> latter happened mostly privately). Those are jobs different from the
>> other, I need days, sometimes week, after completion, in the public ones
>> asked for discussion that didn't happen, in the private one, I was
>> surprised to see the job being taken and done differently of what I
>> wanted.
>> Consequences of these:
>> 1. "Drive me down" (in the words of Armin).
>> 2. I consider not to be qualified for big changes in the book. Every
>> time it is needed, I will give back to the book the ticket. Each time I
>> am overruled. This implies not doing a job that needs to include anew
>> page. With feh, I did need to include one dependency in the book, but I
>> was already affected by this qualification doubt and just sent to an
>> external link.
> It is *much* easier to fix something than to author it.  If a big change
> is made, then that is a good basis for discussion or update.  Please
> don't just give up making these changes.  The nature of svn is that many
> of us don't read every update.  Sometimes it will take a while to notice
> things.
> Another option is to discuss on -dev before making changes to the book.
>> The more you work with some page, the more you get attached to it.
> The more I work with you, the more attached I get.  :)
>> Shortly, it is a waste of my time doing any major change in the book.
> No, it's not.
>> And the pages cited above will not be edited by me in the future.
>> Another reason is to protect myself, because I am over sensitive.
>> Other jobs that I will not do anymore:
>> Fix URL, run or fix test suite or doc instructions.
>> Yesterday, I got a medical advisement of taking some time out, because
>> the book is affecting my well being. The same from my sister.
> That's understandable.  Take care of yourself first.  Please do what you
> can at your own pace without affecting your physical or mental health.

Thank you, Bruce.


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