[blfs-dev] intel xorg driver

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 13 15:15:58 PST 2015

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 03:33:19PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I was working with the Intel Xorg driver today.  I noticed a message in the
> log about systemd-logind.  With a little research and discussion with Armin,
> I found that if I added --disable-systemd-logind to the xorg-server
> configuration instructions, that message goes away.
> The message is harmless, but should we add that option to xorg-server?

 Sounds reasonable, if this is the system log.  If it is the Xorg
log then I am not sure that it is worth the trouble.
> For the Intel driver, we removed the /etc/Xll/xorg.conf because glamor is
> built into the xorg-server.  That works, but I also have drivers for vesa
> and fbdev.  When Xorg starts, it tries these drivers first and gives some
> warning/error messages.
> If I add back /etc/Xll/xorg.conf with the simple contents of
> Section "Device"
>         Identifier "intel"
>         Driver "intel"
> #        For options, see 'man intel'
> EndSection
> it skips the other drivers and I get a clean Xorg.0.log.  Is this worth
> mentioning in the book?

 Usually, I *only* build the driver I will be using.  When I was
playing with qemu, I ended up throwing in all the potential drivers,
to see which was best for me.  That caused me to look at the Xorg
logs more than I normally bother.  I saw that Xorg identifies
something about the hardware, produces an ordered list of drivers,
and then tries to load them all, in order, before apparently using
the highest-priority driver which both loads and works (for some
definition of works - perhaps it only tries to open them, dunno).

 At the moment, I am on my netbook and Xorg decides to try the
following "autoconfigured driver"s :
0. intel
1. intel (fortunately, it only loads it once)
2. modesetting (I enable kms)
3. fbdev
4. vesa

 Of these, only the intel driver is present, so I get a few lines of
output for the missing drivers, and then all the normal output from
the intel driver.

 I will be surprised if vesa and fb are tried before intel, and if
they are then I suppose that the messages might be interesting.
OTOH, I recall that it took me a few cycles of looking at the log,
and then changing what was available, before I really started to
understand it, and I wonder if you have perhaps mistaken what it is
telling you?

 By adding a conf entry, you force it to try only the specified
driver.  I do not think that saving perhaps 20 lines in the Xorg log
is worth the trouble ;)

> I don't have an ATI video card, but we probably need to revisit the section
> in Xorg Drivers labelled 'Glamor Acceleration'.  The same can be said for
> the Xorg Nouveau Driver, but I can test that.
> Feedback?

 From memory, glamor (i.e. now xorg-server with glamor built-in) is
still required for Southern Islands and Sea Islands and NOT needed
for the earlier versions.  And for nouveau, I believe someone said
glamor was for the latest hardware.

 So, what sort of change did you have in mind ?

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