[blfs-dev] intel xorg driver

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 13:33:19 PST 2015

I was working with the Intel Xorg driver today.  I noticed a message in 
the log about systemd-logind.  With a little research and discussion 
with Armin, I found that if I added --disable-systemd-logind to the 
xorg-server configuration instructions, that message goes away.

The message is harmless, but should we add that option to xorg-server?

For the Intel driver, we removed the /etc/Xll/xorg.conf because glamor 
is built into the xorg-server.  That works, but I also have drivers for 
vesa and fbdev.  When Xorg starts, it tries these drivers first and 
gives some warning/error messages.

If I add back /etc/Xll/xorg.conf with the simple contents of

Section "Device"
         Identifier "intel"
         Driver "intel"
#        For options, see 'man intel'

it skips the other drivers and I get a clean Xorg.0.log.  Is this worth 
mentioning in the book?

I don't have an ATI video card, but we probably need to revisit the 
section in Xorg Drivers labelled 'Glamor Acceleration'.  The same can be 
said for the Xorg Nouveau Driver, but I can test that.


   -- Bruce

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