[blfs-dev] Should I remain an editor?

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jan 13 03:17:44 PST 2015

On 12-01-2015 07:44, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> There has been increasing demonstrations of disliking what I do in BLFS
> by almost everybody, either in form or in quality.
> Some of them seem to judge that I should not be an editor, because of
> lack of knowledge: Chris and William Harrington are clearly between them.

Apologies, Chris, I'm taking your out of this sentence.

> If this is what all editors think, I would like to be informed, in order
> to leave.
> I do like many people here and very much. I do like editing BLFS to keep
> it up to date.
> I would like to know if I'm still considered qualified.
> Thanks.

I would like to thank to those who have replied, either in the list or

It was surprising to me to be considered qualified by so many of you. On
of those who didn't send a post was a surprise, too.

Yes, I am over sensitive and I read between the lines. But unfortunately
I am like that.

The problem with Poppler is similar to others I had (gedit, Qt - the
latter happened mostly privately). Those are jobs different from the
other, I need days, sometimes week, after completion, in the public ones
asked for discussion that didn't happen, in the private one, I was
surprised to see the job being taken and done differently of what I wanted.

Consequences of these:

1. "Drive me down" (in the words of Armin).

2. I consider not to be qualified for big changes in the book. Every
time it is needed, I will give back to the book the ticket. Each time I
am overruled. This implies not doing a job that needs to include anew
page. With feh, I did need to include one dependency in the book, but I
was already affected by this qualification doubt and just sent to an
external link.

The more you work with some page, the more you get attached to it.

Shortly, it is a waste of my time doing any major change in the book.
And the pages cited above will not be edited by me in the future.

Another reason is to protect myself, because I am over sensitive.

Other jobs that I will not do anymore:

Fix URL, run or fix test suite or doc instructions.

Yesterday, I got a medical advisement of taking some time out, because
the book is affecting my well being. The same from my sister.

As I am "addicted" to editing BLFS there is a chance I do not comply
with them, and come back full speed sooner than more or less planned.

So, I will try doing one or other job, eventually, by now, but don't
know when I will come back at full speed.

Thanks, again, and apologies for the thread and not keeping the pace.


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