[blfs-dev] ***SPAM*** Should I remain an editor?

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Jan 12 05:31:59 PST 2015

Le 12/01/2015 11:44, Fernando de Oliveira a écrit :
> There has been increasing demonstrations of disliking what I do in BLFS
> by almost everybody, either in form or in quality.
> Some of them seem to judge that I should not be an editor, because of
> lack of knowledge: Chris and William Harrington are clearly between them.
> If this is what all editors think, I would like to be informed, in order
> to leave.
> I do like many people here and very much. I do like editing BLFS to keep
> it up to date.
> I would like to know if I'm still considered qualified.
> Thanks.

Please, stay with us. Or better said, allow us to stay with you, since 
you have been the principal editor lately.
I admire the pace at which you are able to do updates. I'd like to be 
able to be as fast as you, but I can't (to much regular work ATM, 
anyway: I do not even build anything from scratch ;-).

I do not remember what W Harrington has said, but I have seen comments 
from Chris about Poppler. I think you should just take them as people 
asking "why are you doing this way?" and not as people saying "you are 
doing the wrong way". Don't forget that "svn blame" is the same command 
as "svn praise", and means "svn annotate"...


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