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Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 1 18:22:37 PST 2015

For anyone who has missed my previous comments here and in -book: my
test file for xindy (using makeglossaries) works on x86_64, but not
on i686.  Here are a few more thoughts:

1. (in the style of AA) : Hi, my name is Ken and I am addicted to
some of the modern parts of \TeX (although I happen to loathe much
of the traditional stuff).

 Yes, really, I should not spare time for this, but I am continuing
to do it.  I suspect HMRC ("the taxman") will be on my case soon :-(

2. On my newest, but least-powerful, machine I had initially
installed the texlive binaries [ before finding that another part
was broken because that machine lacked certain CPU options ].  So, I
had built from source on top of the binary (in BLFS-7.6).  Today,
attempting to run my xindy test there failed.

 Running xindy --version was instructive:
xindy release: 2.5.0
xindy script version: 1.18
/opt/texlive/2014/bin/x86_64-linux/xindy.run: initialization file
`/opt/texlive/2014/bin/x86_64-linux/xindy.mem' was not created by
this version of CLISP runtime

 One of those files (I think it was xindy.run) had a date of 2011 :
that is, from the (contributed) texlive-2014 binary.  Moving it out
of the way fixed the problem.

 So, if anyone builds xindy from source, but on top of the
install-tl-unx binary, it may be necessary to remove the runtime
file from the binary.

3. My example uses makeglossaries, because that was what the first
working example (for how to use xindy) that I could find, used.  It
also used lualatex and certain OTF or TTF fonts (with what is now a
configure script to work that part out).  But since then I have
found samplexdy :
which can be run with:
 latex samplexdy
 makeglossaries samplexdy
 pdflatex samplexdy

 Unfortunately, my notes imply that samplexdy DOES work on my i686
build, so it is not useful for debugging *this* problem (although it
gave interesting messages on SlackBuild).

4. I never needed to index a TeX document until somebody pointed out
that we were still using a binary version of xindy.  So, I have no
example file for using the older makeindex or whatever it was
called, and the onyl way I can generate an index is with

5. I have now produced a slightly smaller, traditional, tex version
of my test (no need for lualatex, or OTF/TTF fonts, all the source
text is plain ASCII), which I have called xindynonlua.tex
(attached).  This needs makeglossaries (part of a full texlive
install).  It can be run with:

 pdflatex xindynonlua.tex
 xindy -M texindy -C utf8 -L english xindynonlua.idx
 pdflatex --shell-escape xindynonlua.tex

 The shell escape allows an unrestriced \write18 (i.e. a call to run
a command on the OS) which xindy needs for its indexing to work -
without that, no index is created even on x86_64.

Again, this works on from-source x86_64 (three pages of output, of
which the index is the third page) but not on from-source i686.  The
invocation of xindy instead of makeglossaries is to let me add the
following to try to get more information:
 --verbose --debug script --debug keep_tmpfiles --debug level=3

 Unfortunately, the log showed it was apparently losing all of those,
because the failing command was
runsystem(texindy -M lang/english/utf8-lang xindynonlua-xindynonlua.idx)

 Not sure if those were (...) or {...} : I ran it in qemu, could not
copy and paste.  And the result was

No file xindynonlua-xindynonlua.ind.

 Before that, there was an error when loading tex/inputenc/latin.xdy
Error in line 3:
:: Generated from latin?.xdy

which was followed by more errors which were probably a result of

 I'm posting this now, despite my lack of time to spend on this, in
case it helps anybody debug what is broken, and because I now plan
to move the book to separate asy and xindy once I need a break from
the things which I've got to do.   Asy now installs again (but I'll
need to add an old-ghostscript page as a workaround, and also
reinstate freeglut).  Keeping the complex build of xindy from within
texlive does not fit with that.

Nanny Ogg usually went to bed early. After all, she was an old lady.
Sometimes she went to bed as early as 6 a.m.
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