[blfs-dev] Getting close to the 7.8 package freeze

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 08:39:51 PDT 2015

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> We could discuss what are the better months. What are the opinions?

It doesn't matter to me.  January is not good because of December 
holidays.  We will not release on April 1, but any other day in April is 

Unfortunately I think that any time we target for release there will be 
some important upstream package pending.  One suggestion I'd have is to 
target the freeze on the first of March/September and then release when 

> I still have not understood why we have those problems with sddm.

> Bruce, your help with this issue would be much appreciated before
> freeze. It doesn't take long to install sddm.

OK, I'll see if I can figure out anything.  I suspect a permissions 
problem with consolekit and the like.

   -- Bruce

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