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Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 3 09:02:14 PDT 2015

On Mon, Aug 03, 2015 at 09:24:03AM -0300, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Ken,
> I used suspend. After restarting, needed to restart the network (I am
> using dhcpcd + bind, not for necessity, but frequently need to update
> the book):
> {{{
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart
> }}}
> Never used suspend before, so, don't know if this is the correct
> behaviour. This might be just a upower/pm-suspend issue or default
> behaviour.

I use suspend with dhclient, either on a desktop or on my netwook.
The desktops are wired, the netbook is on wifi.  In both cases I
normally suspend using pm-suspend via xbindkeys and my network comes
back.  This might be because my addresses come from my virginmedia
hub which gives short leases (my server was also set to offer leases
to the desktops, but latter;y the hub always gave the first offer -
when I started, the server got there first).

> Now, I am using your theme as my default.
> One question: are those icons defaults for some application that you
> borrowed, or did you create them?
> May be I'm dumb, but I had a little difficult understanding their meanings.

I created them, using the gimp to draw them.  The default sddm theme
(maui) had black 32x32 icons for shutdown and reboot.  Mine are
similar to those, but bigger and coloured, with a background in the
button so that they show up on the photo - the maui buttons are on
the grey top bar.  I also rotated the reboot icon so that the
arrowhead is in a different place.  The elarun theme has icons on
its central rectangle - I took the "triangle-pointing-right means
login" from there.

I thought the 'switch' metaphor for on/off was reasonably
straightforward, but that the reboot icon was less obvious, and I
had no idea what to use for suspend.  I was also thinking about
'hibernate'.  So I googled for icons and saw a lack of consensus
about the design.  For suspend I started out with two horizontal
bars, (elarun uses two horizontal half circles) but like most icons
it was still "you need to learn what it means".  I also thought that
people might confuse it with on/off.  Later I tried using a couple of
wavy lines - I'm not happy with them, but they will do for the
moment (even in a 50x50 pixel image, drawing is hard - mostly, just
select a few picels with the rectangle select).

Also, colour coding: red for power, black for sleep.

> I would like them to be more visible, couldn't find them, first time I
> used speckledwood.

I'm using a 1600x1200 screen, and they could certainly be larger on
that, but the central rectangle would need to be bigger in
proportion.  My latest machine is at another desk, with a 1600x900
monitor.  Using display for the 'speckledwood.jpg' image (i.e. the
overview) on that screen everything is an adequate size for me, but
the "central" rectangle is rather near the bottom.

Yhe icons could certainly be inset a little further from the edge and
the top.  At the moment I have no idea how it looks on my 1024x600
> Please, don't be upset, I find your theme really great. If I try to do a
> theme, surely, will start with yours as base and probably will just
> change the points I listed above and replace the photo by one of my
> choice, as everybody does.
> I thought a lot since you started doing your theme. I have thought about
> it also, when included lxdm. Although I prefer logging from runlevel 3,
> and use a DM just for development, I would like to have a theme with an
> image display BLFS. This could be added to the book, in sddm page and to
> the other DMs (including Kde-workspace), if someone provides and the
> devs approve.

One of my first attempy was to take the archlinux theme and put a
rectangle over the text, clear it, and then put in a coloured
rectangle and write some text - 'Beyond Linnuxfromscratch'.  I
always have problems getting the position, size and colour I want in
the gimp's text tool, and I find it difficult.  I proved it could be
done, but I didn't like my first attempt.

I think at one time there was some theming on the LFS website itself
but all I can see now is the penguin face on a piece from a jigsaw
puzzle, with text, maybe that is all we ever had.  I don't recall
who created that, nor the licensing, but I would suggest that is a
better place to start.  But a mostly white background would hurt the
eyes.  Starting a (B)LFS theme sounds like an interesting idea, but
I don't think it is my problem.

Anyway, I still keep losing the buttons on my theme!  Yesterday I
was running icewm in runlevel 3 while I started to prepare lxqt
scripts,  At the end, I tried to start sddm from what was then in my
bootscript (ck-launch-session icewm-session : I think) and all the
icons appeared.  Attempting to poweroff appeared to do nothing, and
reboot likewise.  But suspend worked.  When I clicked on the keyboard
to resume, a text screen came up with messages indicating that it
was rebooting.

Makes me suspect there might be a time delay somewhere for poweroff
and reboot.

Running that bootscript after a rebot does not provide the icons, so
I added the dbus-session command into it - no different.
> Please, would you provide one for sddm?
> It could be done in several phases, and serve as example for people
> trying to provide one for the other DMs:
> 1. Discussion of the main image.
> This is important, someone could just veto it.
> For me the butterfly image is very good and approved, for sddm
> 2. Discussion of the final layout.
> Opinions, please?
> >> And I need to add a reminder that, from the greeter, Ctrl-Alt-Fn
> >> (where n is from 2 to 6) will take you to a tty where you can run
> >> 'telinit 3' if it is too broken to use, or 'telinit 0' to power off.
> >> Perhaps I should also point out that people need a .desktop file in
> >> /usr/share/xsessions.
> This is because you probably start without the "&" at the end. Starting
> with it, leaves Ctrl-Alt-F' useful.

Again, that does not match my experience: I'm talking about a
bootscript where 'sddm' is the last command, and that part matches
the bootscript you provided ;)  Ctrl-Alt-Fn does work (except when I
accidentally managed to run sddm from both tty1 and tty3).

> > 
> > Seriously, I will appreciate comments on whether the poweroff and
> > reboot icons get displayed, and work (and suspend, if you have
> > upower and pm-utils).  I will also appreciate any help on getting
> > these buttons to appear (and work) reliably from a bootscript.
> Well, it seemed to work for me (didn't reboot/poweredoff yet).
But - I've removed the text buttons for poweroff and reboot, so
those functions do need to be tested.

And no, trying to test this does NOT fit well with doing anything

This one goes up to eleven!

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