[blfs-dev] A proposal

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon May 13 10:52:20 PDT 2013

Armin K. wrote:

> A systemd blfs branch would be fine since we already have systemd lfs
> branch.

Do you want to create it or do you want me to do it?  Either way is OK.

> There is no need to reference it anywhere on the main site -
> just an initial announcement should be fine.

OK.  We can always adjust the site as needed.

> As for the GNOME, I think that 3.8 could be made to work without systemd
> (minus some functionality - not sure which one) but as I said, I am
> systemd user and I am not going to put the effort into making packages
> that depend on systemd work without it.

I've never liked GNOME, but use some of the apps.  I used to use KDE, 
but the later versions seemed klunky and bloated.  I now use xfce with a 
few kde apps and an occasional gmome app.

> I can still maintain both of BLFS branches like Matt does for LFS and
> LFS Systemd (merging changes that don't conflict with other ones), but
> some help is always welcome - there are packages out of date that I
> don't or won't maintain (not using them or such).

I prefer working from the Trac tickets.  I don't see much there that I 
use regularly, but I can do some of those.  If there are additional 
tickets created I can probably work some of those.

I may create some scripts to check the latest packages for at least some 
of the packages in BLFS similar to the one in LFS that I just did. 
Perhaps a script for each Part (12 scripts) may be useful.

   -- Bruce

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