[blfs-dev] pam_ck_connector and pam_loginuid

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sun Jul 1 23:47:32 PDT 2012

On 07/02/2012 01:16 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Shall I try this again....
> pam_ck_connector and pam_loginuid should not be placed into
> system-session, but rather directly in login, {g,k,x}dm, sshd, etc. as
> session optional. These modules are only intended for login sessions.
> When using sudo, pam_ck_connector causes gnome-shell to segfault. I
> don't completely understand the interaction just yet, but I suspect it
> has something to do with root now owning the session cookie. :-)
> I think the best solution would be to create empty login-*
> configurations and append to those (include them by default in login
> configuration), and then include that into login utilities pam
> configuration. I'll try and get a look at it Wed night or so (maybe even
> tonight...we'll see).
> -- DJ Lucas

It is not my fault that sudo is broken when it comes to pam. Everything 
else works but it and I don't want to sacrifice everything else for some 
stuff I don't care about. Just don't use system-session in sudo in the 
first place like I do.

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