[blfs-dev] GNOME Update Plan and New GNOME Order.

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Aug 24 19:20:56 PDT 2012

On 25.8.2012 3:31, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 01:39:43AM +0200, Armin K. wrote:
>> Hi. I just took a time to make an order for GNOME packages in the book.
>> I propose order like this
>   just some quick comments - for most of it, I'm happy with whatever
> you choose.
>> I would like to remove the following packages from the book:
>> cantarell-fonts
>   I would prefer to see it go back as an external link, with the
> other truetype and OTF fonts where I originally put it - I can do
> that easily enough.  I've also got at least one other font package
> I'd like to add there ( SourceSansPro ).
>> glade
>   This isn't only used by gnome - I build it for gnumeric and
> xscreensaver, a quick grep shows it is also used by xfcegui4 and one
> of the python modules (that might be a gnome module, of course).
>   I suggest we keep it, but not as part of gnome.

I think you are talking about libglade, not glade. Glade is just an 
interface design app (programming).

>> gupnp
>> gupnp-av
>> gupnp-dlna
>> gupnp-vala
>   These looked interesting when I added them, but very different from
> gnome itself - possibly useful to create a UPNP _server_ for
> streaming music and maybe video.  At the moment I don't have the
> hardware, but it's on my ToDo list.  I've got some (purchased)
> high-res downloads from Linn - at the moment I can only play these on
> my desktps, over nfs, one day I hope to play them on the hifi in my
> lounge.  I'll be sorry to see these apps go, and reserve the right to
> suggest reincluding some, or all, of them _if_ they are useful to me
> when I get a round tuit as we say [ translation: when/if I get around
> to it ].

I'll just move them to archive. They are in the book just because of 
Rygel and to be honest I have no idea how to use it.

>> If anyone has any obligations about any of the packages listed, please
>> say so.
>> The following packages need to be added in the book:
>> harfbuzz (new Pango dep)
>   Hmm, according to the freedesktop wiki, the current version is used
> in firefox4 (so last year!) and the old tree was derived from
> freetype, pango, and qt.  I guess development has resumed since that
> was written.

Yes. Harfbuz-ng, as it's called, is used with Mozilla product. I guess 
we can make use from it there, too. I am waiting for Firefox/Thunderbird 
15 to start a build.

>> libsecret (now part of GNOME, used by many apps)
>> libmusicbrainz5 (new api, used by several packages)
>   Can we drop the old libmusicbrainz{2,3} ?

I am not sure. I haven't got there yet.

>> maybe grilo and grilo-plugins (for Totem)
>> maybe libzapojit (I guess it is for gnome-online-accounts)
>   Use your judgement about whether these belong in the book or
> externally.

Nah, I've checked it. They are not hard deps. But, I found one bigger. 
Gstreamer 1.0 series (current 0.11.x development series) are required 
and they are incompatible with 0.10 ones so I can't just upgrade it, but 
I have to add them seperately since not all packages have moved to 1.0.

>> I would also like to move some of the packages from certain sections
>> which include:
>> accountsservice (from Security to GNOME chapter)
>   Definitely.
>> at-spi2 packages from GNOME section (needs discussion)
>> gvfs (from General Utilities to GNOME chapter)
>   Yes
>> The at-spi2-core and at-spi2-atk packages are now hard dependency for
>> GTK+3 package. I am unsure where to put them. Does anyone have any
>> suggestion?
>   With atk ?  They are all a11y packages.

ATK itself is in X Libraries, and at-spi packages aren't X ones, well at 
least not -core. I'll think about it.

>> And at last, these packages will need to get upgraded (mostly major
>> versions):
>> at-spi2-atk
>> at-spi2-core
>> atk
>> clutter packages
>> cogl
>> gdk-pixbuf
>> glib
>> glib-networking
>> gmime
>> gobject-introspection
>> gtk+3
>> gtk-vnc
>> json-glib
>> librest
>> libgdata
>> libsoup
>> mx
>> pango
>> telepathy packages
>> vala
>> webkitgtk
>> All GNOME packages.
>   Gtk+-3 is already used by audacious, but I guess that will be ok.
>   Atk and pango are also used by gtk+-2 which is used by e.g. the
> gimp, gnome-office (gnumeric, abiword, also gnucash)), and a lot of
> other packages including xfce.  Webkitgtk, when built with gtk+-2,
> is also used by xfce, particularly for midori.

They are still unstable. So for now, no go.

>> Maybe C++ bindings for ATK/GLib/GTK+/Pango
>   That's internal to gnome, so do what you think is best.
>> Anything else that needs upgrade.
>   That's a never-ending stream :)
>> I am unsure how many are yet released as stable, but if anyone wants to
>> take some package that is listed, please say so on time.
>   I haven't seen any sign that *any* of gnome-3.6 has yet been
> released.

Nothing listed is released now as 3.6 stable. That's just 3.6 beta. I 
won't commit anything. I'll just make another "branch" and work there. 
I'll present the changes when ready.

>   I saw that Randy was keen on putting something into the history
> archive.  If he still wants to do that, before the gnome-3.6 changes
> might be a convenient point ?  I know that you've tagged many things
> for 7.2, but if a version of current BLFS is going to be archived,
> it would be nice to have a few days to tag some things that you
> don't build!  At the moment I'm expecting to spend a few days
> building a desktop, and then move my server to 7.2-rc1 if no
> contra-indications come up on the lists.
> ĸen

I have tagged lot of packages with lot more remaining. I need multimedia 
stuff at most, with some X applications (which will pull lot of stuff 
from external libraries and such!)

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