[blfs-dev] GNOME Update Plan and New GNOME Order.

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 24 18:31:38 PDT 2012

On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 01:39:43AM +0200, Armin K. wrote:
> Hi. I just took a time to make an order for GNOME packages in the book.
> I propose order like this
 just some quick comments - for most of it, I'm happy with whatever
you choose.

> I would like to remove the following packages from the book:
> cantarell-fonts
 I would prefer to see it go back as an external link, with the
other truetype and OTF fonts where I originally put it - I can do
that easily enough.  I've also got at least one other font package
I'd like to add there ( SourceSansPro ).

> glade

 This isn't only used by gnome - I build it for gnumeric and
xscreensaver, a quick grep shows it is also used by xfcegui4 and one
of the python modules (that might be a gnome module, of course).

 I suggest we keep it, but not as part of gnome.

> gupnp
> gupnp-av
> gupnp-dlna
> gupnp-vala

 These looked interesting when I added them, but very different from
gnome itself - possibly useful to create a UPNP _server_ for
streaming music and maybe video.  At the moment I don't have the
hardware, but it's on my ToDo list.  I've got some (purchased)
high-res downloads from Linn - at the moment I can only play these on
my desktps, over nfs, one day I hope to play them on the hifi in my
lounge.  I'll be sorry to see these apps go, and reserve the right to
suggest reincluding some, or all, of them _if_ they are useful to me
when I get a round tuit as we say [ translation: when/if I get around
to it ].
> If anyone has any obligations about any of the packages listed, please 
> say so.
> The following packages need to be added in the book:
> harfbuzz (new Pango dep)

 Hmm, according to the freedesktop wiki, the current version is used
in firefox4 (so last year!) and the old tree was derived from
freetype, pango, and qt.  I guess development has resumed since that
was written.

> libsecret (now part of GNOME, used by many apps)
> libmusicbrainz5 (new api, used by several packages)
 Can we drop the old libmusicbrainz{2,3} ?

> maybe grilo and grilo-plugins (for Totem)
> maybe libzapojit (I guess it is for gnome-online-accounts)
 Use your judgement about whether these belong in the book or

> I would also like to move some of the packages from certain sections 
> which include:
> accountsservice (from Security to GNOME chapter)

> at-spi2 packages from GNOME section (needs discussion)

> gvfs (from General Utilities to GNOME chapter)
> The at-spi2-core and at-spi2-atk packages are now hard dependency for 
> GTK+3 package. I am unsure where to put them. Does anyone have any 
> suggestion?
 With atk ?  They are all a11y packages.
> And at last, these packages will need to get upgraded (mostly major 
> versions):
> at-spi2-atk
> at-spi2-core
> atk
> clutter packages
> cogl
> gdk-pixbuf
> glib
> glib-networking
> gmime
> gobject-introspection
> gtk+3
> gtk-vnc
> json-glib
> librest
> libgdata
> libsoup
> mx
> pango
> telepathy packages
> vala
> webkitgtk
> All GNOME packages.

 Gtk+-3 is already used by audacious, but I guess that will be ok.

 Atk and pango are also used by gtk+-2 which is used by e.g. the
gimp, gnome-office (gnumeric, abiword, also gnucash)), and a lot of
other packages including xfce.  Webkitgtk, when built with gtk+-2,
is also used by xfce, particularly for midori.

> Maybe C++ bindings for ATK/GLib/GTK+/Pango
 That's internal to gnome, so do what you think is best.

> Anything else that needs upgrade.
 That's a never-ending stream :)

> I am unsure how many are yet released as stable, but if anyone wants to 
> take some package that is listed, please say so on time.
 I haven't seen any sign that *any* of gnome-3.6 has yet been

 I saw that Randy was keen on putting something into the history
archive.  If he still wants to do that, before the gnome-3.6 changes
might be a convenient point ?  I know that you've tagged many things
for 7.2, but if a version of current BLFS is going to be archived,
it would be nice to have a few days to tag some things that you
don't build!  At the moment I'm expecting to spend a few days
building a desktop, and then move my server to 7.2-rc1 if no
contra-indications come up on the lists.

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