[blfs-dev] Xorg Chapter

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 22 05:13:35 PDT 2012

Armin K. wrote these words on 08/20/12 18:28 CST:
> when running su -c make install, bash -e shell will exit on error 
> because that command is incorrect - it would try to run "make" as user 
> "install" ... It should be su -c "make install". I am unsure tough if 
> "make install" would do any harm if run like that with sudo or without 
> any prefix command.

You are correct about the syntax (having to quote the command). I have not
looked at the instructions, but how is DJ handling root's password when
using su?

> But since the MesaLib is not part of Xorg Release and it can be used by 
> different versions, plus it is very well known that GL api hasn't 
> changed for years, only DRI/Gallium drivers were improved, I suggest we 
> install MesaLib, libdrm and Freeglut in /usr by default.

I think that is probably a good idea, for the reasons you stated.
1) MesaLib is not part of Xorg
2) MesaLib can be used by different versions of Xorg
3) It breaks some packages if not in /usr

These reasons are good enough for me to say the packages should be
installed /usr.


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