[blfs-dev] Xorg Chapter

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 20 17:55:45 PDT 2012

Em 20-08-2012 20:28, Armin K. escreveu:


> I would also like to add here a note about LLVM dep and MesaLib itself.
> LLVM may not be heavy dep for MesaLib, but it is dependency by default 
> unless different instructions are used (I set it to recommended because 
> there were complaints). LLVM is used by Radeon r300 and r600 gallium 
> drivers as well as llvmpipe driver, which is gallium swrast - it 
> outperforms older DRI swrast in most cases.

I think I am guilty for that :-)

> So in order to satisfy everyone, I'll set it as required if I upgrade 
> MesaLib. MesaLib 8.1 should've been released at half of August, but it 
> was delayed, and instead it will be MesaLib 9.0 because it will probably 
> bring OpenGL 3.1 support. For anyone interested in this, there is a mail 
> on freedesktop mailing lists.
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2012-August/025478.html
> For anyone that wants to complain about LLVM being hard dep (yes it is a 
> pain to build) because you don't use it (intel or nvidia users), feel 
> free to modify instructions for yourself dropping llvm dependency. (I 
> put this just for reference in the future).

After some posts, I can understand the necessity for that. Please, just
write some note/warning how to do it, if possible.

Again, thanks for your work.


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