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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 18:27:23 PDT 2012

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:

> As you may know, I have helped this project since 2008, with
> translations. With Denis and other contributors, we translate into
> French LFS, BLFS books, and also others.
> But with Gnome3 and GUI evolutions, I start being fed up with
> traditional distros, especially I feel I cannot help them as their
> contribution processes are so complex. I feel I could use (I'm building)
> and help blfs now.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

> But for that, I need methodological help. I wonder how editors can
> maintain up-to-date so much areas and packages. At every new LFS
> release, do you build again a new system? And do you re-install all
> packages you need? It's very, very long time. So do you use at least
> some scripts? Or some system to home a common workspace where you work
> beyond your own machine?

For my normal system, I don't upgrade much.  I generally only upgrade 
when there is a problem of some sort.  That said, I recently did a 
complete upgrade.  See my write-up of what I did:


I do have another system dedicated to LFS development work.  I do most 
of the development there via ssh, but can access the physical 
keyboard/monitor when needed.  It may be surprising, but that's not 
required a lot.  Generally it's needed to test a new kernel or an xorg 
build.  Running an X based app over ssh works fairly well, but audio 
needs to be from the actual system.

> I'm fixing my kernel panic issues and I'll have my LFS 7.1 done. And I
> plan to use it. Would it be enough to help?

Yes, but it would be helpful to use glibc-2.16.  I'll have all the 
current tickets in LFS needed for LFS-7.2 done in a couple of days so it 
would be good if you could use that.

 > I plan helping because I
> imagine that in some areas, updating packages doesn't imply changing so
> much instructions. Moreover, what's your method to know packages
> contents? Does the edguide book say that? Or this provided with LFS?

The Editor's Guide is useful, but limited.  I generally use

make DESTDIR=/tmp/packagename/install install

when doing a test build and then look at the directory listing there.  A 
plain 'make install' will put the files in place.  This doesn't always 
work, so the package procedures have to be examined individually.

I do keep scripts for each package.   Each editor generally has his own 
preferences, but for an example, see the files attached to


> Finally, how can I start contributing? What's the best approach with
> submitting write patches (or packages update)? Where can I submit? etc.

Either is good.  Patches are better.  After you get a good feel for what 
is needed, I can give you direct commit privileges.

> Once I've my LFS, I plan to install things to help in blfs-support, if I
> have the good level for that. Indeed, I know to build, but I do not know
> to program.

Programming is quite helpful, but not required.  Remember that scripts 
are programming too.

> I hope I can help and try contributing, as, since Andy gone, indeed BLFS
> staff is smaller.

Thanks you for what you've done in the past.  Any support you can give 
will be helpful.

   -- Bruce

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