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Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sun Aug 12 17:16:18 PDT 2012

On 13.8.2012 0:38, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> Hi,
> As you may know, I have helped this project since 2008, with
> translations. With Denis and other contributors, we translate into
> French LFS, BLFS books, and also others.
> But with Gnome3 and GUI evolutions, I start being fed up with
> traditional distros, especially I feel I cannot help them as their
> contribution processes are so complex. I feel I could use (I'm building)
> and help blfs now.
> But for that, I need methodological help. I wonder how editors can
> maintain up-to-date so much areas and packages. At every new LFS
> release, do you build again a new system? And do you re-install all
> packages you need? It's very, very long time. So do you use at least
> some scripts? Or some system to home a common workspace where you work
> beyond your own machine?

The last LFS I've built, 7.1 minus glibc 2.14 (I used 2.13 back then) 
was built in January this year. I used it as my production machine for 
at least 6 months or so untill I got back to Debian Sid few days ago 
(damn laptop and binary drivers). But, for package updates I used that 
system. I upgraded or added package on that one system, I had my 
"package management", but no scripts. Everything was built manually. I 
also tend to build more or like everything from one source package, thus 
expanding far beyond blfs itself. If I get stuck, I consult either 
Debian's patch tracker or source files, ArchLinux's packages svn or 
Gentoo portage source files. I check for package dependencies either by 
reading autotools files or rather just ./configure output. I don't feel 
the urge to rebuild everything once in a while unless some big change 

> I'm fixing my kernel panic issues and I'll have my LFS 7.1 done. And I
> plan to use it. Would it be enough to help? I plan helping because I
> imagine that in some areas, updating packages doesn't imply changing so
> much instructions. Moreover, what's your method to know packages
> contents? Does the edguide book say that? Or this provided with LFS?
> Finally, how can I start contributing? What's the best approach with
> submitting write patches (or packages update)? Where can I submit? etc.

There is an editors guide at http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/edguide/

Read it and if you like, send patches to the mailing lists. It can be 
anything. From package update, to instructions fixes and adding patches. 
You'll have to attach the patches for package seperately from patches 
for xml.

> Once I've my LFS, I plan to install things to help in blfs-support, if I
> have the good level for that. Indeed, I know to build, but I do not know
> to program.
> I hope I can help and try contributing, as, since Andy gone, indeed BLFS
> staff is smaller.
> Thanks for all your answers. I hope I'll help usefully. Otherwise, I'll
> be happy to have tried.
> Regards,

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